Mobitrax is a leading asset tracking and IoT solutions for your business and family

Mobitrax was selected by international leading software developers and device manufactures due to our highly creative solution oriated approach. We can bring international idea's to your business and family.


The Mobitrax platfrom promotes advanced security, ensures precise location detection and total visibility into the performance of your assets through real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, alert and notification system allowing for early response to any emergencies

Payment Services

Mobitrax has servral packages from month to month, per unit fix fee incl amount of units or project base

Mobitrax Wiatag

The application is installed on a mobile device, transforming it into a part of a comprehensive personal monitoring system. With WiaTag, the user tracks field employees, sends tasks, and controls their execution. All settings are located in a separate Configurator web app, so the integrator has remote 24/7 access to the app configuration and diagnostics

Tracking Devices

Mobritrax vehicle/asset tracking system is universal. It’s currently integrated with more than 2,600 models of GPS tracking devices, including personal GPS trackers, automobile controllers and software-based "trackers" installed as mobile apps on smartphones. Additionally, Mobritax is able to process data, received from after-market sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature and others), cameras, tachograph and other supplementary GPS hardware, connected to GPS tracking devices


Mobitrax Service's

Mobitrax Clients can choose between our assistence service 

Client Can choose between self monitoring

Assisted services 

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Only

Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Standard Exception Alarm Monitoring(Exclude Geofence and Crash Detection)

Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Exception Alarm Monitoring(include Geofence and Crash Detection 


Why Do People Choose mobitrax?

With 15 Application to assist for any customer asset tracking and Iot Solutions 


Mobitrax Features

 With our system, you can deliver any monitoring project, be it about transport (surface, maritime, river, etc.), buildings, people, and animal/herd

Awesome Platform for Development

Mobitrax effortlessly integrates with other systems and becomes the base for the. In addition to the monitoring system, a service provider also gets: Mobitrax SDK – a set of tools for developing customize solutions. The open API allows integrating Mobitrax with other services from accounting systems to niche and targeted solutions.

Sensor data reading

Mobitrax software compatiable and is inable to create notification on most sensor for example.
* Fuel level sensors
* Motion sensors
* Temprature and humanity sensors

Video telematics solution

Any Live feed of an IP can me locatted to Mobitrax for easy viewing. Ask us for demo now to see this awesome feature.

Online Tracking

GPS tracking online with Mobitrax system allows for:
* unit location and movement landmark history and control;
* tracking a specified set of unit parameters, such as movement speed, fuel level, temperature and etc.;
* managing units (executing commands, automatic jobs performance) and mobile workforce (text communications, calls, assignments and order management);
* unit activity notifications;
* unit route performance control;
* unit data analysis and interpretation via reports (tables and graphs) and much more

Geofence control

Geofence, or geographical zone, is an area on the map that is important for user's tracking purposes and requires special attention

Driver behavior monitoring

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More Faster, More Powerful App

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